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I went to the zoo and talked with a female gorilla. She communicated that she wanted my food and I told her I couldn't share with her because of the glass. She then regurgitated food from her mouth and put it in her hand and offered it to me and said she would share with me. I told her I loved her and she gave me 2 kisses on the glass and walked over to the corner to take a nap.


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What is an Evidential Medium?

An evidential medium is a person who is able to communicate with spirits and provide details about your deceased loved ones that they could not have possibly known, such as how they passed, particular events, and even special activities. By receiving this evidence, you will know it is your loved one that is communicating.

Often the reading becomes a comforting and healing experience.  Spirits like to let you know they are okay where they are and that they are still around you by sharing things and events that only the recipient would know.

I'm Cindy Downing, an Author, Speaker, Animal Communicator and Evidential Medium. This means I am able to communicate with animals and people, both here on Earth and on the other side. Through listening and interpreting animal thoughts, feelings, and sensations, I can create a bridge between you and your pets, animals, and/or loved ones in spirit.

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What is an Animal Communicator?

Animal communication is the transfer of information from one or more animals (sender or senders) to one or more humans (receiver or receivers), which may affect either the current or future behavior of the sender. It is a form of telepathic communication.

An animal communicator is one who understands and translates thoughts, feelings and sensations of an animal. An animal communicator can help you with behavioral problems and find the root causes of the animals behavior.

Animals can send visual images, feelings, thoughts, ideas and sensations as communication. Sometimes these communications have words; sometimes they are just accompanied by a strong sense of how they fit together to form the communication.

When I am communicating with animals, I am having a conversation with them. I treat the animals with respect when they are communicating with me. Animals usually communicate about what is happening or has happened to them and about fears and concerns.