I do evidential readings in person or via the telephone, Zoom and/or Facetime. To prepare for a reading, I recommend that you free your mind of any negative thoughts and be open to the process of communicating with your loved ones in the spirit world. I encourage you to take notes for reference after the session is completed.

Please contact me if you are interested in setting up an appointment!

Email:  cindy@whisperinmyear.net

Phone:  402-659-7530


Evidential Medium Session (deceased humans)

45-50 Minute Session:  $125

Animal Communication

(1 animal alive or deceased)

15-minute session:  $50 

I am able to communicate with animals via telephone, Zoom and/or Facetime. The sessions must be held with the actual pet owner so I can confirm and validate information. The fee for a reading is $50 for one pet for a 15 minute session. In order to give the maximum amount of time to your animal, please email me (cindy@whisperinmyear.net) the following information at least 24 hours before our set appointment: a photo of the animal, the animal's name, age, how long they have been with you, and 3-5 questions that you may have.

You may want to give some thought to the questions you want to ask the animal. After communicating with your animal, you should expect to have a stronger connection with your animal!

Animal Communication

(1 - 2 animals alive or deceased)

30-minute session:  $100 

Listed below are one-on-one animal communication sessions where I will chat with your animals via phone, Facetime or Zoom. 

To book a reading, first email or call me to set your time. Then you can purchase it through the Paypal link below.

Animal communication can take place in settings such as:

•Horse barns / farms

•Doggy Daycare

•Pet Stores

•Veterinarian Offices

•Dog Parks

Are you part of an organization, an animal club or just a group of friends and are interested in having a group session? Please email me or call me and we can discuss pricing for your specific event.