"I had a reading done by Cindy last summer after my husband had passed away. Cindy mentioned that he wanted me to know he had his motorcycle.  I know this may sound normal, but he never had a motorcycle in his life and had only mentioned to me just before he passed that he wished he had gotten a motorcycle!!!! Cindy also told me he leaves me feathers as a sign and now I find feathers everywhere!!!!!!! Because of Cindy I believe as I always have that my husband is gone but definitely still very much with me!!! Thanks for the wonderful gift Cindy!!!"  -Sheila D. - March 2016.

"She talked to my dogs & told me things that they do all the time without ever seeing them prior to the session & without me telling her. Amazing"   -Penny - January 2016

"I met you at the Horse Trail Expo last weekend and you communicated with my horse Viaero. He told us that he was worried about the big man coming and being cruel to him again. I talked to him on Monday and when I was finished he gave me a small whinny - I think he was saying thank you. It was a profound experience.  Thank you so much for the reading."    -Carol Bossee - March 2015

"Yeah. Cindy, I was so impressed by your reading of Cheyenne today. My heart is full. It's hard to explain, but how you knew some of the things you did made me a true believer and I am overwhelmed with feelings. God Bless you."    - Hope - August 2015


​​​"I signed up for the reading for my dog after hearing about a reading my friend had done with Cindy - my friend had said so much of the reading was spot on, I had to see for myself. I expected Cindy to get quite a few things right about my dog, based on my friend's experience, but was shocked at the level of detail and depth - not to mention accuracy. To say I "got the chills" is an understatement! I went into the reading thinking it would be a fun experience and a good story to tell, but left the reading with such meaningful information that Cindy shared with my dog from me, I am so happy to have done it. Thank you Cindy, so very much!"  -Abby  -September 2017

"Recently I had a gathering at my home: Four women who did not know each other personally, only through me, myself, and Cindy, got together for a night of healing for some and a few happy tears by all. Cindy was able to communicate to every one of my guests and myself, messages from our departed loved ones. I was not sure what to expect to have someone message me for once. Although I can feel my great Nana's presence along with several other departed loved ones around me all the time, Cindy was able to get messages from five or six of my loved ones. I am compelled to get another reading due to the fact that a relative came through for a cousin of mine that was unable to attend. Cindy's gift from God is exceptional. I felt very Blessed to have her give healing to my friends. 'Til next time Cindy, I will be passing your gift to others on with the hopes they too will be able to feel the love of their departed through your eyes. God Bless You My Friend!!!!!! "    -Tammy  -April 2015

"Spot on!  Amazing!  Brought tears to my eyes"   - Anna - August 2015

"Said Cisco (my horse) liked star mints, by golly he does like them."  -Tanya L.  -March 2016

"I contacted Cindy with concerns about my cocker spaniel, Zoe.  It seemed she had become depressed and wasn't hearing as well as she'd used to and I was worried about her.  Cindy was able to communicate with Zoe and her ask her why she was unhappy.  Come to find out, she didn't like sleeping in her kennel so far away from me!  I moved her kennel into the bedroom with me and now she's as happy as a lark!  I would have never known without Cindy's help!"    -Angie P. - April 2015

"Truly enjoyed the reading that Cindy did on my dog.  She hit spot on with her reading. 

Great experience."  -John - March 2016

"This lady gave me GOOD goose bumps!!!  Come talk or call this lady.  She will be hearing

from me again."  -Joyce E.  -March 2016